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The following are short summaries
of a sample of projects:

Marine Management Organization of the United Kingdom, Marine Scotland, The Scottish Government


The U.K. Government conducted extensive trials over a three year period using Micro Fiton. As a result both the U.K and Scottish governments approved Micro-Fiton as a Bioremediation Agent within the United Kingdom controlled waters for the purpose of treating oil on the surface of the sea under the provisions of the Food and Environment Protection Act.

Ministry of the Environment Ontario, Environment Canada and Metro Toronto and Region Conservation Authority


Remediated contaminated industrial land allowing rezoning from industrial land to parkland.

Dofasco, Sherman Mines Tamagami, Northern Ontario


Remediated effluent and soil contaminated with oil and grease achieving levels substantially below government guidelines in less time than alternative approaches.

Hilton Hotel Site Remediation, Government of Barbados


The Fiton Process was used to remediate contamination on the proposed site of the Hilton Hotel in Barbados. The process reduced contamination to levels considerably lower than objective in two and a half weeks allowing for construction of the current Hilton Hotel.